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SiS - Silicon Integrated Systems

65x/M650/740 PCI/ACP

SUSE Linux 10.0

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The driver provided by SUSE Linux 10.0 doesn´t support all features of this chip-set. Use the driver from Thomas Winischhofer to use more/all features (e.g. dual head, tv-out ...)

SUSE Linux 10.1

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To use the dual head feature of the chipset set the "MergeFB" option of the card in SaX2 to "On". Use "CRT2Position" option to define the monitor layout (e.g. "LeftOf"). There's an accelerated version of the driver available from Thomas Winischhofer (comercial).



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Must manually configure Yast2 to use vesa drivers.



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Standard configuration will be in 1 screen. 3D will not work in Xinerama. For dual screen you need to run sax2 -b /usr/share/sax/profile/Matrox_G550 or any other apropriate file in /usr/share/sax/profile/

Intel chipsets

For using the native resolution on newer laptops, please refer to Patch the Video BIOS.

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