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opensuseupdater is an update notifier applet for KDE. It's included in openSUSE since 10.2, and it's installed by default. It was originally developed by Narayan Newton under the Google Summer of Code 2006, but is now maintained by official SUSE people. The point of the project was to have native KDE alternative to zen-updater. It supports both the Libzypp and zmd backend, with libzypp being the default.


When using the libzypp backend, which is default opensuseupdater currently only notifies of official updates. It won't notify you of updates available on unsupported/3rd party repositories. It doesn't install patches by itself, it simply launches YaST Online Update.

Start it with this command:

Shellscript.png opensuseupdater


(revision r177)




Extract i18n-strings from source code for translation:

 make -f admin/Makefile.common package-messages 


Opensuseupdater is developed to be extendable, so writing a backend for Smart for example, is very feasible.

Project Links

The actual project can be found here.

The developer's blog is available here.

Comments, questions or suggestions can be directed here: narayannewton_AT_gmail.com