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Template:Submitting Bug Reports Translations openSUSE计划包含不断增加的自愿者与开发者,他们测试testing开发版本,不断创新与改良openSUSE。测试队伍有共同的目标:他们发现并汇报错误以使世界上最好用的linux发行版变得更好。


如果您想加入汇报错误的行列,请参阅SUSE Linux Bug Reporting FAQ|openSUSE错误汇报获得更多信息,以及我们为新测试者提供的 测试 信息。

The openSUSE project includes a growing volunteer network of Linux users and developers who participate in the ongoing creation and improvement of openSUSE Linux by testing development releases. This team of testers has a common mission: they improve the world's most usable Linux distribution by finding and constructively reporting relevant bugs.

We report bugs, submit enhancements reports, or provide patches in Bugzilla, the openSUSE bug tracking system. By searching the system and providing clear, accurate details, we give developers an easy way to reproduce the defect and find quick solutions.

If you want to join the team of bug reporters, check out the SUSE Linux Bug Reporting FAQ for information, as well as our Testing information for new testers.


在您开始之前,先检查这个bug是否已经被汇报过了。特别是在最令人困扰的错误Most Annoying Bugs中的列表。您也可以搜索10.0的已知bug10.1的已知bug10.2的已知错误10.3的已知错误 并看一下其中的列表。 Before you begin, check to see if the bug has already been reported, especially in the list of Most Annoying Bugs. You can also search for open bugs 10.0 or open bugs 10.1 or open bugs 10.2 or open bugs 10.3 and look through the list.


所有openSUSE/SUSE Linux 错误都会进入 openSUSE 10.2 或更新的版本。当您汇报错误时请选择正确产品版本。目前,这个公共的Bugzilla系统并不为企业版产品服务。

Bugzilla is no replacement for support. 在您汇报错误之前,先确定这确实是一个错误,如果您不确定的话,请先在mailing lists|邮件列表上和大家讨论一下(opensuse-factory 或 opensuse)。


  • 所有您下载的openSuse版本编号都是‘SUSE Linux X.X’(X.X是您发现错误的版本,例如10.3)而不是'openSUSE'。如果您测试的是alpha,beta或RC版,此时只标示产品的版本是不够的,还应标示这些错误在Bugzilla的版本区域。
  • 'openSUSE'产品是为汇报基于opensuse.org的wiki系统和 系统的错误使用的。
  • 选择错误产品或组件会导致您的报告无法被妥善处理——报告无法分派给合适的人,或它使得我们怀疑是否是这个已经修正的错误在某种情况下再次出现——这也增加了无谓的工作。选择正确的产品,组件,和版本是非常重要的,这让我们能迅速重现(并最终解决)您的问题。请您一定仔细。

All SUSE Linux bugs should go into the product SUSE LINUX 10.0 or newer. Always choose the right product when reporting a bug. At this time, the public Bugzilla is not intended for the enterprise products.

Bugzilla is no replacement for support. Before reporting a bug, make sure that it is really a bug. If in doubt, discuss it on the mailing lists first (opensuse-factory or suse-linux-e).

Some software components have special instructions for bug reporting, which you can find here:

For all versions: When reporting a bug, please use one report for each defect you want to report. Using a single bug report to address several problems at once is really not a good idea because it makes it difficult to track the progress on each item.
Selecting the correct component and version number when reporting a bug:
  • All SUSE Linux versions you can download here are handled in the component 'SUSE Linux X.X' (X.X is the version you found the bug in, e.g. 10.0), not 'openSUSE'. If you're testing alpha, beta, and RC versions, it is very important to specify this in the version field of Bugzilla. Providing just the product version is not enough here.
  • The product 'openSUSE' is for bugs in this Wiki system on and bugs in itself only.

Choosing the wrong product or component causes inefficient handling of your report, because it is initially assigned to the wrong people. Or it makes us wonder whether an already-fixed bug could possibly reappear in certain cases, which also creates unnecessary work. Choosing the correct product, component, and version is vital for us to quickly reproduce (and finally solve) your problem. So please be careful here.







列表:Bugzilla reports with votes

Voting in Bugzilla is intended for orientation purposes only--not for specific prioritization or resource allocation.

For further information about voting, refer to this page.

List Bugzilla reports with votes


在 Bugzilla 中汇报openSUSE说明文档的缺陷(请选择组件:"Documentation"),同时,对已发行的产品,请将内容加入到

手冊是由上游的开发者来维护的,它是软件源码的一部分。openSUSE 的文档部门并不负责维护这些文档。如果您发现手中的手册有不正确的部分,请你汇报给问题上游,在手册的末尾您可以找到汇报地址。

Report openSUSE documentation defects in Bugzilla (component: "Documentation") and, for released products, also add entries to

The man pages are maintained upstream as part of a corresponding source package or the global package called "man-pages"; the SUSE Linux documentation department is not responsible for these documents. If you find an inaccuracy in these man pages, take the time to report the issue upstream. At the end of the man page, find the bug reporting address.