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教育模块是这样一个模块,它为家庭电脑(注:一个家庭共同使用一台计算机)设计,使儿童受控制的使用电脑。基于这个模块创建组和用户,每个组使用这个Kiosk 模板(以后使用Sabayon 模板).


  • 创建一个新用户 => 他的孩子(ren)
  • 选择三个(?)设置之一:
  1. 孩子 < 7岁 (学前)
  2. 孩子 7-14岁 (小学)
  3. 孩子 >14 岁

根据这些设置, YaST2 应该:

    • 为新用户授权三种 Kiosk-模式(见上面)之一
    • 配置一个透明的代理服务器和因特网过滤器 (允许访问白名单站点,拒绝访问黑名单站点,允许访问任何站点——根据孩子的年龄?) ,这可以稍后由孩子的父母配置 (YaST2-Modul 需要 dansguardian 或 squidguard (注:配置代理服务器软件))
    • 为在线聊天和其他用到互联网的工具配置一个防火墙——根据孩子的年龄。


jdsn 创建一个YaST 模块。 将创建用户和组并写入其他配置到系统配置文件。 一个单独的脚本负责Kiosk 和代理服务器设置。此模块将成为openSUSE 的(教育-CD) addon产品的一个组成部分,可能不是主要部分。



YaST 模块的地位:

    • UI大多是完整的和功能的
    • 从系统配置文件读取
  • 这样做
    • 设置变化写入系统


主窗口 增加用户


The "Education"-module is a module desinged for family-computers to give ones children controlled access to the computer. Basically this module will create groups and users. Each group is assinged to a Kiosk template (later as well to a Sabayon template).

This module will run during installation. The user will be able to:

  • create a new user => his child(ren)
  • choose one of the three(?) settings:
  1. child < 7 years (pre school)
  2. child 7-14 years (primary school)
  3. child 14> years

Depending on these settings, YaST2 should:

    • enable one of three Kiosk-Modes (see above) for the new user
    • configure a transparent Proxy and Internet-Filter (allow whitelisted sites only, deny blacklisted websites only, allow everything - depending on the age of the child?) which can be configured by the parent later (YaST2-Modul for dansguardian or squidguard needed)
    • configure the Firewall settings for IRC and other tools using Internet connections - depending on the age of the child.


jdsn is creating a YaST module. It will create users and groups and write the other settings to sysconfig. A separate script will take care of the Kiosk and proxy settings. This module will become part of an AddOn-Product for openSUSE (Edu-CD) and probably not become part of the main distribution.

To give you a little hint how it may look like here is a first screenshot:

First Idea

Status of the YaST module:

  • done
    • UI mostly complete and functional
    • reading from sysconfig works
  • todo
    • writing changed settings to the system

Here are two current screenshots:

Main Window Adding A User

Getting involved

If you want to help with the development of this module just go on and check out the source code from


Find further information and documentation about YaST development on our YaST Development pages. You may even contact us on our mailinglist

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or in our IRC channel irc://irc.opensuse.org/yast

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