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免刻盘安装SuSE Linux的另一种方法

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免刻盘安装SuSE Linux的另一种方法

我们可以借助VMware WorkStation来安装。



Step1:Open VMware Workstation to create a new Virtual Machine.

       1.At the menu bar,select File->New->Virtual Machine.You will see the 
         New Virtual Machine Wizard
       2.Press Next button to enter Appropriate Configuration,then select Custom
       3.Press Next,at the Virtual Machine format dialog you can select freely.
       4.Press Next at the Guest operating system frame select Linux,and Version SuSE Linux
       5.Press Next,input your Virtual machine name and Location freely.
       6.Next,you can decide the number of processors by yourself.
       7.Next,config the Memory size,256MB or higher is recommended.
       8.Next>,select Do not use a network connection.
       9.Next>,at the I/O adapter types selection dialog,use the default option.
       10.Next>,this step is important,Select Use a physical disk.You may recieve a Warning,
         it's ok,do not panic.Click the OK button.
       11.Next>,select the drive/disk your want to install,and at the Usage frame select Use 
          entire disk.
       12.Next>,give a name to your Disk file.
       13.Finish>,Now your new Virtual Machine is created.
       14.This step is important too. At the right of the window,you may see the Devices 
          frame(or you can do follow steps: click VM(from the Menu)->Settings...).double click
          the Hard Disk item, then you will see a dialog. At the bottom of the dialog,click the 
          Advanced button. Then at the Mode frame Select Independent and the Persistent           
          checkbox. Press OK.
       15.Double click the CD-ROM item,at the Connection frame select Use ISO Image then press
         Browse button to select your install CD or DVD Images.After that click OK.
       16.Now the config of the Virtual Machine is complete.

Step2:启动虚拟机,按步骤安装SuSE Linux

      注意:当所需的安装包安装好后,安装程序准备重启计算机时,请把虚拟机关闭,然后重启你的计算机,进入SuSE Linux安装程序,然后按步骤继续操作,直到
     完成这些步骤后SuSE Linux的安装就完成了,这样你既可以真实进入SuSE Linux系统,也可以从虚拟机进入。