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Porting and maintaining SUSE Linux on non-PC platforms. Subteams include the POWER Team.
BNC Screening 团队
We initially take care of many incoming bug reports filed to the open Bugzilla bugtracking system at
The openSUSE Build Server is a way for everyone to be able to build and provide packages for the openSUSE community. This group of people works on the implementation details of this project.
一组 Novell 的员工,管理整个 openSUSE 项目。
Czech Packagers Team
We are taking care for more than 1400 packages of openSUSE project.
我们是无名文档作者-Wichtl, 一组刻苦的 SUSE Linux 说明作者。
Traditionally coming from the software infrastructure area for the SUSE R&D we now develop and maintain systems with company wide impact like Swamp or our feature tracking system Fate. Additionally we are doing a lot of buildservice work.
KDE 团队
The people contributing to the KDE project and working on KDE on SUSE Linux.
A small group of people working especially on notebooks and laptops.
QA 团队
The team taking care of SuSE/Novell product and maintenance update tests.
The team taking care of the security of the Linux based products Novell/SUSE releases, before and after the release.
将 wiki 和文档翻译为各种语言的志愿者。
Wiki 团队
The wiki is the thing your reading right now, and is a collaborative effort of a very large and loose collection of people (as anybody with a username can edit pages), there is however also a group of dedicated wiki editors that are trying to copyedit, organize, manage and keep things under control. see also OpenSUSE_community