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Getting in touch with the openSUSE-Education Community

There are many ways to get in touch with the openSUSE-Education community to obtain information, help, support, join our development team or to just discuss education related topics.

This wiki on is our official Wiki to provide information about openSUSE-Education. As part of the openSUSE Community, we have an additional webpage While the Wiki contains the main documentation, the website hosts the Online-Repositories, a Forum and our bugtracking system.

IRC: #opensuse-edu

"Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet chat or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group (many-to-many) communication in discussion forums called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication and data transfers via private message." (see Wikipedia)

There are many tools and applications available for chatting on IRC:

  • Xchat for Linux users
  • mIRC for Windows users
  • MacIrssi for MacOSX users
  • Our own WebChat for registered openSUSE-Education users

The openSUSE-Education IRC channel named #opensuse-edu is hosted on the Freenode server at This is our main channel where day-to-day conversations and support relating to openSUSE-Education take place.

Mailing Lists

The openSUSE-Education mailing lists are open for developers and users. e-Mails sent to one of the mailing lists will be received by everyone that is registered on that list. The mailing list server can be found at For detailed information and the etiquette, visit our Mailing_Lists page.

We have two mailinglists with the same goal, but different languages:

Mailinglist Language Subscribe Communicate
opensuse-edu (archive) English To subscribe, send an email to Afterwards, send your mails to
opensuse-edu-de (archive) German To subscribe, send an email to Afterwards, send your mails to


A regular IRC meeting takes place biweekly on Tuesdays at 1700UTC in #opensuse-edu on Freenode.

Contact the Team directly

Should you wish to get in touch directly with someone in the openSUSE-Education community, then refer to the Team website.