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Question.png 我能不能免费下载 SUSE Linux 零售版?
是的。它叫试用版,就是'Eval'版。它没有时间限制,而且对大部分家庭用户来说比 OSS 开源版是更好的选择,因为它含有许多专有软件包。还是不懂?或许这个列表可以解释各个组件的关系:
发行版 状态 当前版本 类型 安装支持 介质 怎样得到
openSUSE 11.0 已发布 最终版 零售版 1 DVD-91
Live2 CDs (KDE or GNOME)
openSUSE 11.1 开发中 Beta 5 下载 可安装的 Live-CD
openSUSE 车间版 N/A3 网络安装 下载

3openSUSE 车间版 是随开发进度持续变更的,没有任何版本号。

Question.png 可以用 CD 制作一个 DVD 么?
最终版提供 DVD 镜像,alpha 和 beta 版本尽提供 CD 镜像。
实现这个操作的教程和脚本在:以 CD 制作 DVD
Question.png 我需要安装 CD 么?哪些 CD 可以安装最基础的系统?CD1 足够么?
如果你下载官方发布的 CD,你需要所有的5张。当然有一个 1 CD 安装的方法,正式发布后很快推出支持。
Question.png 有没有不用 CD/DVD 安装 SUSE Linux 的方法?
可以无 CD 安装
Question.png SUSE 10.0 OSS 和 SUSE Eval 10.0 有什么区别?
SUSE 10.0 OSS 尽包含开源程序。SUSE Eval 版包含一些非开源的软件包,比如 Adobe Reader, Macromedia Flash, Sun Java, Mainactor (demo)。
Question.png 试用版和零售版有什么区别?
零售版包含更多软件包,它以双层DVD发布,包含现有 i386 和 x86-64 软件包。
Question.png 'Eval'试用版有限制么?
Question.png ati显卡能够装上,能够将分辨率改过来,但是不能打开3D加速,为什么?


Question.png 什么是 AppArmor "Lite"?
Novell AppArmor 是一个有效易用的 Linux 程序安全系统,保护你的 Linux 操作系统和程序免于攻击病毒和恶意程序的侵害。 AppArmor 不是一个防火墙或病毒检测程序--它是一套完整的it is a complete intrusion prevention system. The special version of AppArmor included in SUSE Linux 10.0 provides a valuable preview of AppArmor features.
Question.png How does it compare with SELinux?
SELinux implements labeled security, which applies a tag identifying the appropriate security level to each data file. Although this feature is valued by intelligence agencies, it introduces a significant level of complexity and its applicability to commercial enterprise is limited. Thus, while both AppArmor and SELinux strive for the same objective, AppArmor is much easier to deploy and maintain:
  • AppArmor includes a fully automated, YaST-based tool set for developing security policy. In contrast, the SELinux method for creating and modifying a program's policy is mostly text-based, requires many steps, and involves a significant amount of manual configuration and intervention.
  • The AppArmor solution is extremely auditable--AppArmor policies are human readable and easily understood.
  • No expert knowledge is required. Unlike SELinux, just about anyone can use the AppArmor tools to configure a system and protect it from malicious software.
  • Applications don't have to be modified at all to be protected by AppArmor. To get the full power of SELinux, applications must be recompiled and linked against SELinux libraries.
Question.png Is there any documentation available for AppArmor?
Official Novell Documentation (pdf files)
Two other options are: entering man subdomain in your terminal console and reading files at /usr/share/doc/packages/subdomain-docs/.