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openSUSE - KIWI Image System

The openSUSE KIWI Image System provides a complete operating system image solution for Linux supported hardware platforms as well as for virtualization systems like Xen. The KIWI architecture was designed as a two level system. The first stage, based on a valid software package source, creates a so called physical extend according to the provided image description. The second stage creates from a required physical extend an operating system image. The result of the second stage is called a logical extend or short an image.


Read more about the system design of KIWI in the following PDF document: kiwi.pdf


Around the Blogosphere:

General places where KIWI has been used:

Getting KIWI

The KIWI tools can be found in the KIWI packages as part of the openSUSE Tools project.


For a look at the currently planned KIWI developments, head over to Build_Service/KIWI/Todo.

Project using KIWI

  • LTSP5 on openSUSE LTSP


Requesting enhancements, reporting bugs, submitting patches


  • Classification: All
  • Product:
  • Component: System Imaging
  • Summary : "kiwi: summarize your report here"

Convenient URL to file new KIWI bug (with the settings above)

See Also

YaST module providing GUI for kiwi is called Image Creator.