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GNOME stands for GNU Network Object Model Environment. GNOME is a user-friendly and completely free desktop manager for UNIX systems.

GNOME是GNU Network Object Model Environment(GNU 网络对象模型环境)的简称。GNOME是一个运用于UNIX系统的一个用户界面友好,免费的桌面管理器。

To join discussion about GNOME development and packaging in the openSUSE project, join #openSUSE-GNOME on freenode.

要想在openSUSE项目参与讨论关于GNOME发展和封装,参加#openSUSE-GNOME on freenode.

Software repositories软件仓库


This GNOME:/STABLE project contains packages from the stable branch of GNOME.

Current status: Independent maintenance can be done here. Code is based on GNOME 2.20 and placed to /usr. Each backport specific change must use %if %suse_version and should be backported to FACTORY and GNOME:UNSTABLE.


GNOME:/UNSTABLE is for testing of forthcoming GNOME version. Once it will be considered as stable, packages will be copied to GNOME:STABLE and further development will continue in GNOME:UNSTABLE.

Current status: Most packages are linked to openSUSE FACTORY. Please ask GNOME maintainers (,,, to get a change there.


GNOME:/GNOME1 contains libraries and applications from the deprecated GTK+1 and GNOME1 projects.

Status: Packages which still exist in openSUSE FACTORY are linked there. The rest is present only here and anybody is encouraged to add or fix them.


The GNOME:/Community repository is for any related GNOME packages, open to anyone who wants to participate, and it has no connection to openSUSE releases.

If anybody else is interested to become a maintainer, I can add him/her to all of these projects.

Feel free to submit to any projects, but remember the sync policy. If you will do any successful change in the synced project, please don't forget to send the change to openSUSE GNOME maintainers. You will get confirmation about accepting it to FACTORY.

There is not yet any policy about sync dates and times. I plan to do it manually at least for next few weeks. Please suggest any future policy (weekly, 2-3 times a week, daily, if package foo is building correctly in factory, anything else).

There is a policy regarding the inclusion of packages in GNOME:Community.

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