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OpenSUSE Updater applet for GNOME is GNOME version of the Updater Applet.

OpenSUSE GNOME升级小应用程序升级小应用程序的GNOME版本。

The applet is currently under development and Version 1.0 is nearing its completion.


  • See the TODO 1.0 list for the list of tasks to be done until version 1.0. This will be the version for the 10.3 timeframe.
  • 参考TODO 1.0查看版本1.0之前本程序需要完成的任务列表。此版本将作为应用于10.3的版本。
  • See TODO 2.0 for list of tasks to be done for version 2.0. Work will probably start in the 10.3 timeframe, but it won't be finished until after 10.3 is released. Possible target might be 10.3+1, but no guarantees granted.
  • 参考TODO 2.0查看版本2.0之前本程序需要完成的任务列表。正式开发工作可能从10.3开始,但是在10.3发布之前本版本不可能完成。比较可能的开始时间是10.3+1,但是此时间也无法保证:)

TODO 1.0

  • improve UI - add status/error messages, tooltips; handle failures
  • 改进界面 - 添加状态/错误信息、公具提示;处理失败项
  • create manpage
  • 创建帮助页
  • add debugging support (logs, etc.)
  • 添加调试支持 (日志等)
  • add configuration window (using gconf) - mainly for backend selection
  • 添加配置窗口 (使用gconf) - 主要用于后台选择
  • add gettext support
  • 添加gettext支持
  • applet quit context menu item or another way to stop the whole app
  • 添加退出程序菜单项或退出整个应用程序的其他方法
  • add support for non-gnome WMs
  • 添加非GNOME WM的支持
  • use GNOME stock icons instead of KDE applet's green icons? (Optional)
  • 采用GNOME使用的程序图标替换KDE小应用程序的绿色图标?(可选)

TODO 2.0

  • rewrite backend to communicate directly with zypp
  • 重写后台使得程序可以与zypp直接通信
    • can later also be used by KDE applet
    • 保证可以被KDE小应用程序调用
    • Benefits:
    • 好处:
      • Better usability of the update workflow
      • 使得更新的整个流程具有更好的可用性
      • No code duplication for the two applets
      • 两个小应用程序没有重复之处
  • add ability to update packages (needs backend rewrite)
  • 添加更新软件包的能力 (需要重写后台)
  • provide nice popup instead of tooltip while in working state (needs backend rewrite)
  • 在工作状态时使用弹出提示代替工具提示 (需要重写后台)
  • more to come, see Future Plans
  • 更多新功能,参考 Future计划


Quote: use GNOME stock icons instead of KDE applet's green icons?

Quote: 采用GNOME使用的程序图标替换KDE小应用程序的绿色图标?

  • What do you mean? There are no GNOME stock icons devoted to an update applet, but we could create links (working with tango, might brake with other themes):
  • 什么意思?目前并没有专门用于更新小应用程序的GNOME图标,但是我们可以自己创建链接 (使用tango,有可能会破坏其它主题):
    • no-updates -> face-grin (although this one should not be needed, if we manage to transform it into a real notification applet)
    • no-updates -> face-grin (如果我们可以把它转换成真正的通知小应用程序,这项功能不应该存在)
    • busy -> emblem-system
    • updates-available -> emblem-important
    • need-restart -> view-refresh
    • 需要重启 -> 查看刷新
  • TODO: Ask upstream, e.g. tango-artist, to discuss and create a standard set of icons or to define, which of the existing icons can be used
  • TODO: 与上游社区,例如tango-artist进行沟通,讨论并创建一套标准的图标或者使用已有的图标

The current icons and the ones proposed in UX SUSE Updater: Icons are not HIG conform as the states can't be distinguished by the form of the icon.

目前的图标以及推荐使用的图标 UX SUSE 更新: 图标 不是HIG一致的,因为从图标的形状无法辨别出状态。

Update Process on the Desktop/桌面更新过程

A collection of thoughts the maintainer had when designing the applet. Includes some rationals why or why not a specific way was chosen. Comments very welcome.

点子收集 维护人在设计小应用程序时想到的点子。包含一些对于为什么选择/不选择一些专门的方法的合理解释。欢迎评论。