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The Live-Cd's/Dvd's of openSUSE have a promotional effort and can be tested without changing something on the actual machine or installed operating system. Though you can install openSUSE directly from these Live-CD's their first attempt is to demonstrate the quality and stability of openSUSE.

This site contains a list of links and explanations for Live CD's of openSUSE that you can download from our sites.

openSUSE 11.1

For the most recent Live-CD of the stable Distribution look the 11.1 Live-CD/-DVD with GNOME or KDE. you can choose between the the system type ( 64-bit , 32-bit or PowerPC). Then choose an installation medium(Live-DVD or Live-CD). If you choose Live-CD, also decide which desktop-environment you want. Your preferred way of downloading it(Bittorent or standard FTP/HTTP). And finally start downloading one of the ISOimages by clicking on the links in 4. The stable release CD/DVD features GNOME 2.24 and/or KDE 4.1/3.5.9 .
... User: linux Pwd: <enter> and User: root Pwd: <enter> .

Unofficial updated GNOME and KDE live CDs

openSUSE community live CDs

SOAD Linux (SuSE-On-Active-Diet Linux) live CD

NonOSS and Language Packs

If you are not quite sure that will your installed version will support the downloaded extra language pack CD/DVD too.Better leave it


OpenSUSE is an open source Distribution. So if you are used to programs like Adobe Acrobat or flash and would like to use them still. Please either download them later from the package repositories or download the nonOSS CD, too..

openSUSE on bootable USB-Sticks


For students, teachers and concerned parents we have a Live-CD dedicated to Educational efforts. Click here for further information to the openSUSE-Edu Li-f-e live DVD.


For contributers and testers the most important Live distribution might be the Factory distribution of openSUSE. See here if you are curios about it.

Build your own live CD

Those interested in trying to build their own live CD can take a look here: