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LookAndFeelManager: Platform look and feel not set

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I meet a error for installing domino 8.5.2 on SUSE Linux 11.0.

In the setuplog.txt: Woke in DominoAPIThread.callAPI() Domino version = L-GHUS-7XUT8K Performing resource check About to wait on DominoAPIThread.callAPI() Woke up from wait on run Notes Version = About to notify api caller About to wait on run Woke in DominoAPIThread.callAPI() Terminating - No Domino Resources PanelManager: PDML for 'dlgErrorMessage' in lotus.domino.setup.server parsed successfully

LookAndFeelManager: Platform look and feel not set

PanelManager: Setting help panel - jar:file:/opt/ibm/lotus/notes/85020/linux/cfgdomserver.jar!/lotus/domino/setup/server/dlgErrorMessage.html

In software and hardware requirement of domino 8.5.2,it need to disable XGL and SELinux.