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How It Works


  • You don't have to select a mirror yourself. If you use http://download.opensuse.org/, the server will take care of finding a mirror for you. It will automatically select one of the known (and active) mirrors from a database and redirect the download. See Build_Service/Redirector for (technical) details on how this works.
  • 您没有必要自己选择镜像。如果您使用http://download.opensuse.org/ , 服务器会为你选择镜像。它会自动从数据库选择一个已知(并且活动)的镜像,重定向下载。工作原理的(技术)细节,请参考编译服务/重定向
  • If you would like to use a different mirror, or want to see all mirrors where you could download a file from, go to http://mirrors.opensuse.org/.

That's it!


If you miss a certain mirror, please tell us, by sending email to admin at opensuse org.

如果您无法连接某个镜像,请发邮件通知 opensuse.org 的管理员。

If you operate a mirror yourself, or plan to do so, this page is interesting for you Mirror Infrastructure.


Discontinued Releases


  • 对停止支持的版本,比如 openSUSE 10.2, SUSE Linux 10.1, 或者更老的版本,请查看 停止支持版本镜像
  • 要更新 openSUSE 10.2 以及更老的版本,请参考http://ftp.suse.com / ftp://ftp.suse.com 。 此二链接不会重定向,所以您可能希望从发行版本镜像自已手动指定一个镜像。