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FOSDEM 2007 - This Weekend (Feb 20 2007)

Once again you have the chance to meet some SUSE/Novell guys, as we have the chance to meet YOU at FOSDEM 2007! We will have again a dev-room for us with a lot of interesting talks. And we will have also a small booth on the floor. We hope to see all of you in Brussels this weekend! :-)

openSUSE Survey (Feb 19 2007)

We are interested in knowing how you feel about the openSUSE project and the openSUSE 10.2 distribution. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey, and we will enter you in a drawing for five 1 GByte USB sticks and one 80 GByte portable hard disc from Teac!

openSUSE 10.3 Alpha 1 (Feb 15 2007)

The first Alpha release of openSUSE 10.3 has been released. Some annoying bugs were already discovered.

New Wikis Available: nl and pl (Feb 7 2007)

There are two new languages now available for the openSUSE wiki. (Dutch) is now available thanks Freek de Kruijf, Rinse de Vries and Matthias Van Gestel, and (Polish) is also now available thanks Rafal Kwasny and Rzoolu.

openSUSE Project Manager Interviewed (Feb 6 2007)

Andreas Jaeger, the openSUSE Technical Project Manager, was interviewed by Open Addict. Issues touched upon include the Novell/MS deal.

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