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Please take notice of our known issues

Hardware changing on usb and vmx

Hardware will be detected on firstboot. If you boot an appliance from an USB stick or from a vmware machine, and then you copy that and try to boot it on another machine, we may enconter problems with hardware, like having multiple ethernets configured. The best solution is to distribute the image that it has not been booted. If you want to make changes before distributing it , see How to change configurations on disc image and How to change configurations on vmware disc .

Not booting from usb

It has been reported that on some machines the USB does not boot, or does boot once but the second time does not. See How to make the usb drive bootable to solve that.

Booting from usb but experiencing some weird problems

In some cases, when the USB stick or the disc image contains a previous system, using dd to copy the image is not enough. See how to copy the image into the USB drive to see how to clean it before.