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Sugar is the collaborative and constructionist educational environment that is popularly known due to its installation on the One Laptop Per Child's xo netbooks. It is in fact a window manager and environment (like Gnome and KDE), but it is desgined especially for schools, having many educational activities that have been designed for it. It comes with many packages useful for learning, from Maths to physics, geography to biology. openSUSE has packaged about 50 activities in total for Sugar, with more activities available for installation from the activities repository. Activities that haven't been packaged can be downloaded directly from and installed by the user through the browse interface (the repository is similar to firefox addons.) If there are any activities that the community thinks should be packaged by us for easier installation and access please contact us.

We can always use help testing and maintaining Sugar on openSUSE, and if you are interested, drop by the IRC Freenode #opensuse-edu channel and talk to Cyberorg or Nubae.


 zypper ar oss-main
 zypper ar python
 zypper ar sugar
 zypper refresh
 zypper in sugar sugar-activities


尝试Live DVD

We have the openSUSE-Edu-live-li-f-e DVD with the full Sugar suite, see Education/Live for more information, as well as a dedicated openSUSE-Sugar live CD which is currently a work in constant progress so check back frequently for new versions. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the fast evolution of Sugar on the openSUSE platform. Go here to download the latest isos: