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Virtual machines in the VMware format are similar to disk images, but with special information which specifies memory and hard drive sizes.


To use these images, simply open the file in VMware, VMware player, or VirtualBox.

你可以简单地打开VMware文件、VMware player或VirtualBox来使用这些镜像。

This set of howtos are specific to vmware machines. They are focused on changing some stuff after the image is build but usually after booting for the first time.


如何创建预分配磁盘使其有更好的性能(How to make Preallocated disks for better performance )

You can convert a growable virtual disk (which is what SUSE Studio creates) to a preallocated disk with 'vmware-vdiskmanager'. It is bundled with the standard VMWare installation. Preallocated disks offer better I/O performance over growable ones at expense of disk space.

你可以把一个不断增长的虚拟磁盘(由SUSE工作室创建)变成一个有 vmware-vdiskmanager的预分配磁盘。它被绑定在VMware的标准安装文件中。预分配磁盘在磁盘使用率方面比自增长磁盘有着更好的I/O性能。

The following command converts the growable "sourceDisk.vmdk" to a preallocated "destinationDisk.vmdk":


 vmware-vdiskmanager -r sourceDisk.vmdk -t 2 destinationDisk.vmdk

在vmware上如何改变硬件(How to change hardware on vmware)

All hardware in vmware is defined into the .vmx file. This is a text file you can edit with any text editor. Be careful when editing this file. Also, edit this file before any boot, as on the first boot the hardware detection will happen and it would be too late to make permanent changes.


如何修改vmware磁盘配置(How to change configurations on vmware disc)

Use vmware-tools. In short, use the vmware-mount tool utility. This way you can mount the disc and change configurations before you boot.


如何添加一个新的以太网(How to add a new ethernet)

See how to change hardware on vmware 参考在vmware上如何改变硬件。