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YaST Control Center
YaST GNOME edition



YaST is the installation and configuration tool for openSUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise and the former SuSE Linux distributions. It is popular for its easy use and attractive graphical interface and the capability to customize your system quickly during and after the installation.

YaST是openSUSE Linux,SUSE linux企业版以及以前的SuSE Linux发行版的安装和配置工具。它易于使用,拥有吸引人的图形界面,并且可以在安装过程中和安装完成后迅速地定制您的操作系统,所以它十分受欢迎。

YaST actually stands for Your awesome Setup Tool.

事实上,YaST是Your awesome Setup Tool的缩写。

YaST guides you through the installation of openSUSE. The installation is divided into a few steps. You will be asked for the basic setup of your system or you can even define it in detail. Enjoy the installation with just a few mouse clicks.


YaST can be used to configure your entire system. Setup hardware, configure the network and system services, tune your security settings are only a few examples. All these tasks can be reached from the YaST Control Center (see image). The tasks are grouped up into sections (on the left). For example, if you want to configure your firewall, select the section Security and on the right Firewall.



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