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Susemini.png 本文处于需要翻译的文章的状态,欢迎您积极参与翻译与修订。 翻译人员:无,修订人员:无。

The YaST mailing lists are the main communication medium for the developers and the community of the YaST project. If you are interested feel free to join the lists.

These lists are developer lists. For end user support please choose the appropriate openSUSE mailing list.

Active Developer Mailinglists

  • - General announcements concerning the YaST Development, NO discussion!
订阅 | 取消订阅 | 帮助 | 存档
  • - YaST SVN Commit Logs, NO discussion!
订阅 | 取消订阅 | 帮助 | 存档
订阅 | 取消订阅 | 帮助 | 存档

Obsolete Mailinglists

  • - Announcements concerning YaST
  • - Public discussions
  • - Discussion about bugs
  • - Development discussions

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