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Susemini.png 本文处于需要翻译的文章的状态,欢迎您积极参与翻译与修订。 翻译人员:无,修订人员:无。

Here are ideas where you can use your time making things rocks

Generated Bindings for libstorage

The current bindings are very cumbersome to use in YCP. E.g. a C struct is not transformed into a YCP map. Instead every member of the C struct must be accessed by swig_xxx_set and swig_xxx_get. Also C enums are not transformed to YCP symbols.

Improved bindings should provide:

  • C++ enum -> YCP symbol
  • C++ struct -> YCP map
  • C++ struct inside C++ struct -> YCP map inside YCP map
  • simple C++ inheritance -> YCP map with members of all classes