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Pages in the OpenSUSE wiki can only be deleted by one of the Administrators. It is envisaged that the Administrators would use this policy in making a judgement to delete a page.

A page can be deleted immediately by an Administrator if it meets the:

Ask for deletion

Non-admins can ask for an admin to delete such a page, by adding a {{delete|Reason}} tag to the page.

It's highly recommanded to begin the deletion discussion on the page to be deleted talk page, you can find it by following the link given in the tag. An exception is if immediate deletion for an evident reason is asked for.


Criteria for Immediate Deletion

  • Nonsense - text with no meaning, random characters, blank.
  • Test Pages - testing should be done in your User page or the OpenSUSE:Sandbox.
  • Deletion requested by the only contributor - administrators should check the page's history.
  • Breaks the OpenSUSE Rules of Conduct, and if the offending text was removed, would leave a page of nonsense.

If a page doesn't meet the Criteria for Immediate Deletion, then it should not be deleted immediately.

Article problems that do not require deletion

Page Problem Solution What to do
Short Article Expand Article Add the tag {{expand}} to the page. See other tags here

Article problems that may require deletion

Page Problem Solution What to do
Article/Image is a possible copyright infingement Clarify copyright Leave Message on the contributor's Talk page.