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Select the right Repository选择正确的软件仓库

Currently you can find four different repositories for the available distributions: 现在有可用版本的四个不同的软件仓库

URL Distribution Remark SUSE Linux 10.1 currently not ready openSUSE 10.2 openSUSE 10.3 SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop/Server 10 currently not ready

These repositories contain the official packages listed on the Education Applications page. The packages are compiled for the specifiy distribution and shouldn't be installed on other distributions.

You can also download a ISO image containing the content of the repositories at These ISOs can be added as "Add on Media"

Add the Repository

This is how to add the Repository to your Computer using YaST -> Add-On Product. The description is taken from a SLED 10 GNOME desktop. So the first points might be different on your host.

Start YaST

When using the Gnome desktop, Click on the "Computer" button and go to "More Applications", choose the "System" section and scroll down to the bottom.
File:YaST login.png
Login as root
Now click on "YaST" and Login with the "root" password which should bring you to YaST.

Add installation source

choose the software section
Choose the "Software" section, then click on "Installation Source" which brings up this screen.
File:Install sources.png
Add installation Source
File:Chosen repo type.png
Choose the repository type
Choose "Add" and select the repository type "Specify URL"

Click "Next" and add the Education Desktop Repository by pasting this URL in the box

URL Distribution if you have installed openSUSE 10.2 if you have installed openSUSE 10.3

Accept the license

To avoid problems the openSUSE-Education team has added a simple License dialog which informs you that neither the openSUSE-Education Community nor single members will be liable for any damages arising out of the use of the software. But if you find any bug, it would be nice if you enter it in our bugzilla.

Accept the GPG-Key

As this repositoriy is not an official openSUSE repository, all RPMs are signed with the GPG-Key of the openSUSE-Education Team. This key is normally not known to your system, so YaST asks if you accept it.

The fingerprint and additional informations about this GPG-Key are available at the openSUSE-Education website.

Import GPG-Key

Now you can import the openSUSE-Education key into roots keyring to avoid warnings about the unknown GPG-Key in the future.

File:Reading the repo.png
Cataloging the Repository
Now click "Next" to "Catalog the Repository". "Finish" it and wait for the repository to synchronize with the software management utility.

Select Patterns and Packages

You can change the filter to "installation sources" and browse the applications now available from the "Education Desktop Repository"

</tr> </tr>
File:Software manager.png
choose the "Software Manager"
When it is done it will return you to the YaST screen. You can now add software from the repository by choosing "Software Management".
File:Viewing available apps.png
choose the "Software Manager"
click on the check boxes for software you would like add , Click "Accept" and Have Fun!!! :)Alternatively, you can filter for "patterns". This should give you at least four "Education" patterns containing all software.
Education Desktop applications This pattern contains general applications and should always be installed.
Kids Education Desktop Software Desktop applications for kids up to 12 years.
Youth Education Desktop Software Applications for teenagers (from 12 up to 18 years)
Education Server Applications Server applications for education users.