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Gnome howto 文档注意事项

如何为 nautilus 添加收藏夹

  • You can do that by adding them while in testdrive and then copying the modified files.


  • Default wallpapers go into /usr/share/wallpapers . You can see there are some symlinks there that you can customized by pointing to yours.
  • If you want to customize only a user wallpaper, do that on test drive and get the modified files.


  • In order to customize the applications menu using the suse studio, upload a customized "applications.xbel" to the folder
    "/home/tux/.local/share/gnome-main-menu/" on the "overlay files" section. Replace tux for your username.
  • This way you can remove/edit the applications on the "recent applications" as well.
  • You can edit the documents on the user menu by editing the file .local/share/gnome-main-menu/documents.xbel
  • You can remove the install option on the user menu (on the system part of the menu, top-left) by editing the file .local/share/gnome-main-menu/system-items.xbel . You can also customize other options on this menu as well.


  • That is very easy, just add a .desktop file into the ~/Desktop folder.
  • If you want it for all users, copy these to /etc/skeleton/Desktop.

如何在登录时加载 gnome 应用程序

  • That is the same case of "How to launch a kde application on login " so refer to that Howto.

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