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Geeko This page is a list of activities that the openSUSE Community declared as vital, but has no volunteers for. Here you can browse through needed jobs and find one that suits you. If you have an activity that should be added to this list, add it to this page and bring it up in the meetings or on the appropriate mailing list (see Communicate page).

What's the purpose of this page?

Beside the general How to Participate wiki page describing the many ways for you to participate in the openSUSE project, there are some areas of the community and of the distribution where help is highly needed.

This page is meant to collect in an organized form those areas in order to provide new users, developers and volunteers a simple way to interact, request for help and find a way to actively support the community and the distribution, at all levels.

How to use this page

For developers and active members

Developers and active members should write here, in a short and organized manner what kind of activity needs help in their area of operation, adding their "offer" to the corresponding section, or adding a section if no suitable one is available. Each activity offer should contain the following information:

  • Description: A short description of the activity, with some detail on what the volunteer will do.
  • Required knowledge/experience: What are the minumum skills required to perform the activity. For example C++ knowledge, packaging experience, and so on.
  • Contact information: Ideally, the e-mail of who is responsible for the activity, and some link to additional information. If a personal e-mail cannot be written, other communication media might be used (mailing lists), but this should be limited to the bare minimum, to make the contact more direct and effective.

For volunteers who wants to contribute

Volunteers should use this page as a sort of "job offer page", with the difference that the activities are volunteers and are not paid, at least not with money. You will have your dose of fun, and the satisfactory sensation to improve openSUSE and make Geeko, our lovely chameleon, happier!

Volunteers should read the page carefully, locating the area of activity they like and feel more comfortable in, then find some activity suitable for them, given their skills and knowledge. When a volunteer feels certain and motivated to contribute in a specific activity, he should use the contact information, providing the a reference to the task he is interested in, and some short information of how he could contribute.

Additional information: How to ParticipateTeams


In this section you find the list of areas in which the openSUSE Project needs your help!

The page is divided in sections, and each section refers to a specific area of the distribution where contributors can provide their help. The list of cathegories can be, of course, extended to satisfy newer needs.

Please keep the section list in strict alphabetical order.

Art and branding

Are you an artist or a designer? Join Geeko to keep openSUSE the greenest and most beautiful Linux distribution!

Draw it

General information
Visit the Artwork/Pixel Pool to show off your designs and help influence the next version of openSUSE's artwork, or to find general information about how you can contribute to the openSUSE artwork. You might also want to visit the Artwork for additional information.

General contact information

Area specific tasks

  • Short description
    • Long Description
    • Required knowledge:
    • Contact:

Additional information: Artwork Pixel Pool

Communication and marketing

Weekly News


General Information
Visit our Portal.

General contact information

Area specific tasks

  • Second translation team for all of our supported languages
    • Description: Provide support to the main translation team of each supported language. Supported Languages are: Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, French, Chinese
    • Skill-Level: medium
    • Required: Knowledge of one or more languages
    • Contact: mailing list (Subscribe first)
    • URL: OpenSUSE_Weekly_News/Jobs

People of openSUSE

Manage communication

General Information
Visit People of openSUSE.

General contact information

Area specific tasks

  • Maintenance of the interview series "people of openSUSE"
    • Skill-Level: Easy
    • Description: The interview series "people of openSUSE" which allow the community to discover people behind the openSUSE Project don't have any maintainer now, and is in consequence freezed at the moment.
    • Required knowledge: Communication skills, Knowledge about our openSUSE Members, Gimp (basic level)
    • Contact: mailing list
    • URL: How to manage "People of openSUSE"

Additional information: OpenSUSE Weekly News - People of openSUSE


Documentation and in particular the wiki is key to success of the distribution, and Geeko knows it! Let's help him to keep it up with the effort.

Document it

General information
Visit the Wiki Team to read how you can contribute to the openSUSE wiki and find information on how to take part to the documentation project. Then, take a look at the list of pages that need to be expanded.

General contact information

Area specific tasks

  • Wiki Maintenance
    • Help the wiki team to maintain openSUSE wiki. You can find a list of tasks on the Wiki Team page.
    • Required knowledge: How to edit a wiki page.
    • Contact: mailing list (see above).
  • Extend the SDB
    • Extend the SDB with articles, and add missing instructions that will make clear difference between SDB and HOWTO article.
    • Required knowledge: How to edit a wiki page, in addition to the specific knowledge required to write the documentation.
    • Contact: mailing list (see above).
  • Documentation for the new media handling
    • Documentation for the new media handling and alternatives (autofs, ivman) in the SDB.
    • Required knowledge: How to edit a wiki page, in addition to the specific knowledge required to write the documentation.
    • Contact: mailing list (see above).
  • Extend YaST documentation
    • Of course many pages are straightforward, but for the others we have to write instructions. The opening page (control center) there is probably no need to be documented. For the modules we could make a starting page with sub pages for option pages if applicable.
      Here is an example of the proposed layout: fr:Yast:Agent_de_transfert_de_mail
      If known, it would be very useful to add the name of the yast module found in rpm list. A copy in each language with the good images is a plus.
    • Required knowledge: How to edit a wiki page, in addition to the specific knowledge required to write the documentation.
    • Contact: mailing list (see above).
  • Add examples of openSUSE usage
    • The wiki should not document only the internals of the distribution, but also the USE of it.
      Answers to question:"How do I set openSUSE for ... ?", can be motivating factor to give it a test run.

      The most common usage is:
      • Internet communication mail, newsgroups, IRC , Instant Messaging,
      • Internet browsing, reading articles, listening music, watching movies
      • Photo classification, retouch, graphic creation,
      • Desktop and/or server(s) for home or small office network
      • A library for your collections of music, books, antiques, stamps or coins
      • A learning or motivational tool to re-ignite, engage, and encourage your innate curiosity
    • Required knowledge: How to edit a wiki page, in addition to the specific knowledge required to write the documentation.
    • Contact: mailing list (see above).

Additional information: Wiki TeamSDBYaST


Package it

General Information
Are you a packager and want to put new packages in openSUSE distribution? See Contrib page for more details how to achieve that.

Additional information: Packaging

Specific tasks

The openSUSE Project needs ...

Specific tasks
  • Zypper
    There are lots of ideas about what should be zypper able to do, how the output should look like, and so on. Unfortunately, we don't have resources to code them all. Fortunately, you can help us :O). Here is one way to do it. Check the following list of bugs and pick up one or few that interests (or bothers) you. Fix it and send us a patch :O) Simple, eh? You can also contact the develpers before or while fixing the bug to get help or coordinate the work.

Additional information: GNOMEKDEYaSTZypperBuild ServiceMirrors


Test it
  • General information
    Testing and finding issues is a critical component to the delivery of any software

Additional information: Testing


Translate it
  • General information:
    openSUSE is a world wide community, and the world has many languages. Translating openSUSE to other languages is just as important as developing programs.

Additional information: Translations - OpenSUSE_Translation_Guide - OpenSUSE_Localization_Guide